Color Matters ?



There is a slight difference between your favorite colors and your best personal colors. Personal Color Consultation will help you to;

  • Determine your color type
  • Identify your best personal colors 
  • Identify your best make-up color group
  • Improve first impression and enhance your true beauty
  • Create youthfulness
  • Discover and try new colors to wear
  • Obtain the power to shop wisely

Your consultation includes the color fan that contains your own personal colors to take home. A color fan is a wonderful tool to take along to help you decide which color to choose in any shopping scene.



  • カラータイプ、パーソナルカラーグループ、最良のメイクアップ・カラーグループの分析
  • 最良の第一印象作り、お肌の不具合の最小化、新しいお色探し、そして無駄使い・衝動買いを少なくする秘訣などのアドバイス



$250.00* -- Fees include about hours of private consultation and your own personal color fan ( Please see the picture of my client with her own color fan above.)



*Fees may subject to change without notice. Please refer to your appointment confirmation email. コンサルテーション料金は予告無く変更される事がありますので、ご予約の際にご確認ください。

<< For appointment and questions・ご予約・お問合せ>>

Please feel free to reach me via: after confirming the date of appointment, you will receive a detailed information about your appointment about 1 week prior to your appointment date.



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